Dog crates come in all sizes and shapes and therefore when you are looking for one, it is essential that you factor in the size of your dog. Many dog owners’ especially new ones forget this important step and end up getting a dog crate that is too big or too small for their dog. If you fail to factor in the size of the dog, it will not want to stay in it and will often prefer somewhere else. The main reason you are getting a dog crate is so that it can have somewhere to sleep and chill while indoors instead of sleeping in every single part of the house. Dog crates are quite expensive, and once your dog rejects its own dog crate, it will be a loss of money for you.

Different breeds of dogs have different crates and designs meant for them. For example, if you have a small breed of dog, you will need one that is perfect for its size but at the same time allows it to move freely in the crate. The same applies to large breed dogs. You will need a dog crate that is big enough to allow it to move comfortably in it and have plenty of space. If you are looking for a dog crate for your large breed dog, below are some guidelines on how to go about it. These guidelines ensure that you get a perfect size and also details of what you need to know when planning to buy a dog crate.

Large Dog Crate

Dogs are like humans, and they have emotions and feelings too. If you have a large breed dog and you get it a small crate, it will become claustrophobic and feel cramped. In this case, it is essential that you get an extra large dog crate. Before heading out to the store to get the dog crate, size your dog first. Sizing the dog is simply measuring it to determine how large it is. If you are not aware of how to size your dog, you can visit any dog store, and they can do it for you. You can also find plenty of sizing guides on the internet to follow.

Usually, a large breed dog is 42 inches up to 52 inches. There are also larger breed dogs such as St. Bernard and Great Dane that are giant. Once you know the size of your dog, you can now go ahead to look for a dog crate for it that is larger than its normal size. Most dog crates stores have small dog crates, but there are a few brands that cater to large breed dogs. Do your research well and identify which brands and stores offer large dog crates.

Why Get the Right Dog Crate

A dog crate that fits the size of your dog perfectly has a lot of benefits for the dog. Some of these benefits include:

  • It reduces anxiety: if you get a small dog crate for a large dog it any develop anxiety. This is because it is cramped and scared because it has to squeeze in to fit. The dog may develop negative feelings for the crate because they associate pain to it. Never force a dog into a crate that it cannot fit in.
  • It makes training easier: if your large breed dog does not fit properly into the dog crate, training it to use it will be much harder. The dog will do its best to avoid the dog crate rather than use it.
  • Gives you an opportunity to travel. If you choose the right size of crate for your dog, you will be able to travel on airlines without any inconveniences because the dog is comfortable and able.

Ultimately the right dog crate will go a long way to help you, and its benefits as stated earlier are convenient. Your pup will be safe, comfortable, and happy, as long as you find a crate that is suitable for them to call home.