Everyone wants a kitchen that shows their style but also works well for them. If you have cooked at least a few meals and cleaned up messes in your kitchen, you are likely to know your pet peeves and your must-haves when it comes to designing a kitchen that works great and looks awesome as well. There are several specific areas of your kitchen that need attention during the design phase so that you get the best look and function out of your space for years to come.

Counters And Backsplash 

A durable and friendly for your budget material is what you need whether your budget is large or small. Look for materials such as stone, Corian, and laminates for lower end projects. However, if you are looking at laminates, be sure to compare the cost of granite as well because the price of granite is getting more and more affordable so you can likely get this upgraded material without a significant upgraded cost. When using tile, choose something eye-catching such as subway tile, chevron patterned installation, and other designs that can make your kitchen an eye-catching a coveted place to cook. 

Cabinets And Hardware 

Your cabinets should be a color that complements other elements of your kitchen such as the counters and floors. Don’t be afraid to choose light colored cabinets to lighten up dark counters and vice versa. For example, a dark and rich red cherry cabinet should be lightened up with a white Corian or lighter colored marble countertop. If you have chosen white cabinets, you have more choice depending on your taste. You could choose from light to dark counter choices depending on how bright you want your kitchen to be. 

Hardware must complement other design choices in your kitchen but also be functional and long-lasting. Avoid going with the cheapest option because you don’t want your cabinet doors to stop working or have pulls falling off when you’re trying to make dinner. Brass finishes are (or at least should be) dead. Choose from satin nickel, antiqued bronze and other finishes to ensure your project is up to date. 


Think of how much you use your kitchen and the overall look you are going for. When choosing between tile or vinyl, it is better to go with tile. Even though the best vinyl flooring can last for a couple of decades, it doesn’t add the feel or value to your home that a tile floor would. If you live in a middle or upper-class neighborhood, tile, laminate or wood are the only options you should consider. Laminate flooring is another choice that is better than vinyl flooring. Laminate is available in waterproof designs that can look like stone or wood without the maintenance or level of care needed for these materials. 


Consider getting your electrician to add a few pendants over your bar top or a few recessed lights in your kitchen to add extra brightness and ambiance to your space. Kitchens with only one light fixture have a completely different feel than those with additional light fixtures. Ensure that your workspace is bright by adding lights under your cabinets, above the counters. Lighting in these areas is often wanted by many people who are looking to buy. Even little things such as this can sway buyers if you ever decide to sell. 


The most popular appliances these days are black in color or stainless steel. Other colors are available but for most kitchens, these are the two colors you should choose from. Above all, do not purchase white appliances. White appliances are simply dated, even brand new ones. Avoid choosing black appliances if you have dark cabinetry as your kitchen will be quite dark if you do not have multiple windows in your kitchen. Stainless steel finishes work well with dark, light, and neutral colors in your kitchen and are up to date. If you are doing a high end look, you will be able to carry the look of your cabinetry over to the front of your refrigerator to complete the high end look.