Reality TV: Changing a Generation

From the first Reality TV show down to the latest slew of Reality TV shows like Keeping up with the Kardashians, Tamar and Vince and The Real Housewives series we have seen a steady increase in the interest of other people’s lives. Weekly people tune in to see what nonsense the star of the show has gotten into or what new juicy drama they can gossip about at their next hair appointment.

But, with Reality TV and celebrities fully opening their lives to the world they have often been met with criticism. From angry parents upset with stars for not being good role models all the way to frustrated females displeased with the way women are being portrayed on TV. So the question is, why would anyone want to take part in a Reality TV show?

This is one of the many questions we posed to Alex Dilworth from The New Atlanta, a new Bravo Reality TV show centered on young successful men and women living in Atlanta. Hearing her response to her choice to appear on the show and her reaction to the negativity she receives opened my eyes to a bigger issue going on in our society. Which I have discussed in detail in the following interview.

It is my hope that you will read this interview with an open mind and take something positive away that you can use in your life or perhaps share with others. I want to thank my sister Shannon from Napturale living for doing the phone interview with Alex Dilworth and I would also like to extend a thank you to Alex and her team for allowing us a chance to get to know her past what we see on television. Also thank you to everyone for your feedback from the Naja interview I did earlier this year. It is because of you that I have continued with this interview format for my blog.




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  1. 25

    Jazmin @ Frugality Gal says

    Very interesting interview. I don’t watch much reality TV but there are just some shows I can’t help but watch.

  2. 27


    I will have to check out the interview. I do not watch reality TV because of all the staging and drama, but I did find this article to be very interesting.

  3. 32


    I’m not big into reality TV, because I don’t think its really reality most of the time. But what an interesting interview thanks for sharing.

  4. 36

    Helene Cohen Bludman says

    I actually watch some reality shows. They are my guilty pleasure. But definitely not for kids. Great interview.

  5. 37


    Honestly, I am not a fan of reality tv. I think a lot that takes place on camera is fiction. It is what takes place off camera that is the reality.

  6. 40


    I love how confident she is about staying true to herself and just being who she is. Reality TV is often inappropriate for children to watch, but I don’t think that means it should be pulled from the airwaves. It’s up to parents to monitor what their children are viewing, and if they don’t feel it’s appropriate for them, then they shouldn’t allow them to watch it.

    What a beautiful layout for the article, by the way. Your blog is awesome! :)