The Cocktail Dress: Las Vegas Style

As with any art form, fashion is steeped in glorious history, from humble beginnings through to the powerhouses that we know and love today. There is one form of women’s wear that really has defied the test of time and that is the cocktail dress; from its birth in the 1920’s all the way through to the catwalks of London Fashion Week 2013.  The cocktail dress is a staple whether you are in Las Vegas or at Betsson casino. Let’s face it; you cannot visit a casino without a cocktail dress and a pair of stilettos.  So where has this fashion come from? Here is the brief history of the cocktail dress and why you should wear one next time you’re at the casino rolling the dice.


The idea behind the original cocktail dresses of the 1920’s

Cocktail dress Cocktail dresses became a sudden trend in the years after World War 1. Emerging out of the war came a group of women that were adventurous and independent. Women needed a dress that they could wear in the new age of clubs, casinos and cocktail lounges. They needed a dress that would bridge the gap between their traditional afternoon relaxed dresses and their evening ball gowns; such saw the birth of the glitzy cocktail dress.

From the 1920’s through to the 1940’s the cut of the dresses was very much above the ankle and below the knee. Tight enough to show off the wearers figure, but still modest enough to maintain their femininity.

Christian Dior Was the founder of the term

Cocktail dresses have been at the forefront of many tables since the 1920’s, but the term ‘cocktail dress’ only came into play in the 1940’s when the designer Christian Dior decided to name this cut of dress. Now if you look at the cocktail dresses of every era, they have changed dramatically – sometimes they are completely different shapes year after year. So cocktail dresses rely as much upon where they are worn as they do upon clever design trends. The 1950’s dress for example, was the opposite of the 20’s versions; they had to have face flattering necklines and a flattering length of just above the knee.

When cocktail dresses hit the big time     

cocktail dresses                              

If you haven’t watched >Breakfast at Tiffany’s, then you surely should even if just to get a glimpse at the most famous cocktail dress of the 1960’s.  The iconic image of Audrey Hepburn wearing the full length, black cocktail dress and gloves is still one of the most talked about film images of all time. This was the first time that the cocktail dress was slammed into pop culture as well as casinos and bars. Since the 1960’s, when Audrey Hepburn took the glitz and glamour to a whole new level, many other screen icons have also had the chance to put the cocktail dress into the limelight. Julia Roberts brought the dress to life in the blockbuster film ‘Pretty Woman’. This was a classic 90’s lace number that saw women flocking out to get their version so they could feel just as beautiful. Whichever era you prefer, there is something so classic about a cocktail dress that you can feel the drama from the first time you wear it.




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    Oh Audrey Hepburn! That classic black dress. :) Love, love Breakfast AT Tiffany’s. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t mind watching it this week. :) I love the first one too the Gatsby type of dress.

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    Thank you for the history of the cocktail dress-very interesting! They sure have come a long way–as have the women who wear them!